Corporate Finance

Valuation and Financial Modelling

This is the cornerstone of our Corporate Finance practise. We work with the management and finance teams gain deep understanding of the business and the key drivers moving forward. We analyse the financial statements, the corresponding ratios and validate the assumptions to develop a forward-looking model. AMA team has successfully completed numerous Valuation Reports utilising different methodologies for a range of client needs.


M&A and Joint-Ventures

Our team provides a complete set of services for M&A and J-V transactions. Our buy-side advisory services include; acquisition strategy and criteria, target selection and engagement, valuation, negotiations, DD through to structuring and execution. On the sell-side; we work with the management to produce teasers and information memorandums, set buyer criteria and through to negotiations and close.

Financing and Restructuring

Access to finance and management of working capital is a challenge faced by businesses in Myanmar. Whether it is restructuring their debt obligations or improving their banking facilities or seeking private placements; we have the technical expertise to assist the management and business owners to maximise their finance capabilities. We also assist our clients in restructuring the business set-ups to optimise the group’s capabilities – whether it for funding purposes or for future JVs and business sale.

IPO Advisory

We work hand-in-hand with our Myanmar clients through the whole IPO process whether it a listing on YSX or listing abroad. AMA team help prepare and compile the necessary documents, marketing materials and financial statements. We also assist our clients in the selection of Underwriters and other professional service providers as well as managing them for whole process. In the case of YSX listings for private companies, we first them on a process to become a public company before the YSX listing procedures.

Strategic Advisory

Business Development Strategy

Our aim is to create value by providing real and effective solutions for our clients. We conduct an “as-is” analysis of the company so we can make an honest assessment of the capacity and the capability for development. This assessment, coupled with our analysis of the market conditions and how they will develop allows us to provide expert solutions that are relevant and achievable for the management to action.

Market Entry and Feasibility Studies

AMA assist foreign companies in developing and implementing strategies for entering the Myanmar. Depending on the client requirements we formulate the most effective entry route and structure, whether in form of a JV or wholly owned subsidiaries; or through MIC or SEZ laws. Our feasibility studies are primarily commercial and financial focused and carried out for both foreign and local clients.

Regulatory Framework Analysis and Corporate Governance

AMA assists our clients to navigate through a complex maze of regulations and its governing bodies. Our Corporate Governance team designs and implements reporting and compliance structures to enable shareholder and investor comfort.

MIC Registration and Other Approvals

We support our clients through all stages of company registration, whether DICA or MIC. Our first step is to fully map out the application process to make sure that all the actions are carried out in timely and the documents submitted are accurate and complete.