Our philosophy is to create value by providing real and effective solutions for our clients, and the cornerstones of what we do are Knowledge, Vision, Expertise and Integrity.


We work with our clients to understand what is critical to them and what the key drivers to their business are, the market, the industry and the stakeholders.  Our experience leads us to provide practical advice that is in tune with the market and the client’s resources.


We leverage our in-house technical expertise to deliver quality advice.  AMA’s team is made up of Chartered Financial Analysts, qualified accountants, graduates from leading business schools and seasoned professionals with experience from top international investment banks and management consultancies.


We map out the overall landscape and the key players and how they will evolve with changing conditions in order to evaluate how that will impact on our client’s interests.



Reputation and the trust of our clients is what we value the most.  We offer our advice and recommendations in confidence, based on impartial and dependable work.